Easy to setup online venues to host engaging product launches, marketing and sales events
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Webinar Venue

Webinar Venue wraps around your webinar tool and provides you the ability to offer variety of attendee engagement options before, during, and after the webinar. These options include white papers, videos, and access to online and off-line staff. Enhanced engagement options yield richer behavioral data, resulting in deeper attendee insight, leading to improved follow up strategies.

Event Venue

Host your online events using our easy to setup and use Event Venues. Broadcast live using built-in integration with the most popular broadcast solutions, such as Livestream, Ustream and Google Hangout On Air. Complement your live sessions with a variety of social and event features, including networking lounge, exhibits and resources. Turn on gamification and encourage further attendee participation through points and awards. Attendees participate using their preferred mobile, tablet or desktop devices, from anywhere and at any time.

Enterprise Venue

Enterprise Venues are ideal for launching year-round versatile destinations to transform attendees' passive content consumption experiences into event-like and engaging ones. Partner and sales enablement, training and virtual sales offices are a few commonly adopted uses cases. With single sign on and integration with widely adopted enterprise solutions, these venues excel in augmenting your existing technology investments, allowing you to bring together a number of high value silo offerings under one easy to use user-interface and one unifying analytics engine.